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Call for Nominations for ANTA Executive Committee for 2017-2019 Term

As you may know, the Association of Nepalese Teraian in America (ANTA) is having the postponed 4th Convention on May 27th, 2017 in Edison, New Jersey, USA. The election for the executive officers and executive committee members will be held per the ANTA By-laws adopted on March 12, 2017. ANTA has formed an Election Committee consisting of three members Lalit Jha- Chairperson, Mr. Ratan Jha and Mr. Jay Mandal to facilitate this election.

On behalf of the Election Committee, we are calling for nominations for the eight (8) executive Officers and five (5) executive members. Executive Committee Members shall have at least two (2) woman members. The executive officer position for which election will be held are:

- President (Must be US Permanent Resident or Citizen)

- Senior Vice President

- Vice President (National)

- Vice President (international)

- General Secretary

- Joint Secretary

- Treasurer (Must be US Permanent Resident or Citizen)

- Spokesperson.

- Executive Committee Members: Nomination for Five (5) Executive committee members is being called.

Potential candidates and ANTA members are encouraged to read By-laws in entirety in general and specifically Chapter V (Central Executive Committee), Chapter VI (Responsibilities and Duties of Executive officers and Chapter XII (Election) of the ANTA By-laws for the detail description of duties and responsibilities of the position and election process. ANTA By-laws can be found at ANTA website .

Voting Requirement:

The ANTA member must be registered by April 27, 2017 to be eligible to vote for election. You can sign up for new membership or renew your membership by visiting ANTA Executive Committee will provide the valid ANTA member eligible to vote in election to Election Committee by May 6, 2017.

Requirements for filing nominations

a. Nominations should be filed by email directed to all three members of the election committee:;;;

b. A valid ANTA member can nominate himself/herself or be nominated by another valid ANTA member;

If nominated by someone else, the nominee must send an email confirming one’s consent to that nomination.

c. One person shall contest election for only one position. No officer of the Executive Committee shall hold the same post for more than one (1) term.

d. All candidates must be current members of ANTA in good standing, and have not violated or acted against the objectives or by-laws of ANTA and CEC decision.

e. Candidates seeking officers position must be a voting member of ANTA in good standing at least for 2 years at the time of filing nomination.

f. The candidates nominated for the positions of President and Treasurer shall at least be permanent residents/green card holder or citizen of USA and have served ANTA Central Executive Committee or ANTA Chapter at least for a Tenure.

g. Candidates filing for the President of ANTA, who is serving currently as an executive officer at any other Non-Governmental Organization affiliated with Madheshi/Teraian, Nepali (with exception for Professional Organization) will not be eligible for filing the nomination due to conflict of interest. After being elected, President of ANTA cannot serve as an executive officer of any Non-Governmental Organization affiliated with Madheshi/Teraian, Nepali (with exception for Professional Organization), for current and immediate next tenure. The candidate may need to sign the commitment letter for conflict of Interest if deemed necessary by the election committee.

h. Candidate must provide copy of Nepali Passport and a copy of local ID card except President and Treasure who needs to provide a copy of US passport or permanent resident card and a copy of any Nepali ID card.

Schedule of Election:

1. All nominations must be submitted between May 1, 2017 and May 6, 2017 Midnight EST. The Election Committee will acknowledge the validity of nominations within three days of receiving nominations.

2. ANTA Executive Committee will provide the valid ANTA member eligible to vote in election to Election Coordinator by May 6, 2017.

3. A final list of all nominees will be made public to ANTA members on May 11, 2017 Midnight EST.

4. Anyone wishing to withdraw nomination must do so between May 12, 2017 and May 17, 2017 Midnight EST.

5. Announcement of the final list of candidates will be made to ANTA members on May 19, 2017 Midnight EST.

6. If there are more than two candidates for one position, election will be held between May 20, 2017 to Noon of May 27, 2017. In the event of the election, it is anticipated that voting will be cast by secret ballots at the convention and email. Detail procedure of voting and any requirements will be published by election committee by May 11, 2017.

7. For any position with NO valid nomination, election committee may interview eligible candidates to fill that position.

8. The Election Committee shall count all votes and declare election at the General Convention.