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Chief Guest: We are excited to have Dr. Birendra K. Mallik, as Chief Guest of our convention. Dr. Mallik is an exemplary figure from Madhesh and it an honor for all of us to have him at our convention. Joined college of eduction in 1958, M ed university of Philippines 1966, M A Tribhuvan University, M S. University of South Dakota 1976, Ph D southern Illinois university in Higher Education Administration in1978, Appointed as Dean of institute of Education TU in 1981, Served in Colombo plan committee , ministry of education for12 years, Served in Full Bright scholarship committee of USEF for several years , Worked as a chief consultant for ADB /Cambridge education project for 10 years , Founding president of NEFORSD, INGO worked in rural Nepal for literacy, Founding member .board of trustee and Ex chairman for Impact Nepal, Currently living in Texas USA .


  • Teraian in Nepal and Americas: Socio-cultural integration and ANTA's role
  • Teraian Women in Nepal and America: Opportunities, Challenges & ANTA's Role
  • Teraian Professionals and Entrepreneurs: Vision, Challenges & ANTA's Role

ANTA's Round Table

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Conclusion with Gala Dinner, Award, Cultural Program and Announcement of new ANTA executive committee

Hope to see some of you at convention.


Lalit Jha