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Membership and Chapter Development Committee


  • Grow ANTA Membership/Network
  • Consolidate / Open New Chapter
  • Assist to Strengthen Existing Chapters

  • Coordinator: Mr. Dhiraj Chaudhary   
  • Members: Mr. Bindeshwar Sah Mr. Mukesh Kana Mr. Santosh Sah

Finance Committee


  • Make financial strategy for ANTA Financial Sustainability
  • Develop Financial Reporting (Transparency), Record Keeping and Auditing Policy
  • Make awareness ANTA Executive for financial need and collection of funds from ANTA Members, organizations and other non-members.

Coordinator: Mr. Mukesh Karna      Members: Mr. Santosh Sah  Mrs. Aprajita Jha

Project/Fund Raising Committee


  • Develop List of Fund Raising Activity
  • Fundraise for different purposes
  • ANTA Projects, Convention, ANTA Emergency Fund, ANTA IT Fund and other funds required by ANTA
  • Develop/Promote/Implement Projects for the Welfare of Madheshis in USA and in Nepal.
  • Develop Project Selection Procedures


  • Coordinator: Dr. Indra Dev Sahu    
  • Members: Mr. Mukesh Karna, Mr. Anil Dwivedy, Mr. Dhiraj Chaudhary, Mr. Aprajita Jha, Mr. Randhir Sharma, Mr. Prabhat Jha, Mr. Mohan Yadav, Mrs. Sunaina Chaudhary, Mr. Kusheshwar Mandal, Mr. Bindeshwar Sah


Governance Committee

Purpose: -

Develop/Revise/Promote Policy and Procedure Guidelines/Recommendation for “Good Governance” for ANTA to be Successful Organizations in Present and Future. Following are some example but NOT limited to: Major Policy/Procedure Issues, Bylaws, ANTA Election, ANTA Awards, Patron/Advisory etc.. Friends of ANTA for members that are NOT people of Madheshi’s origin but would like to be associated/Support ANTA

Coordinator: Mrs. Aprajita Jha   Members: Dr. Indra Dev Sahu, Mr. Mohan Yadav 

Advocacy Committee


Develop/Promote/Implement Policies/Ideas that are in Active Support of ANTA’s Missions and Objectives. At the special workshop sessions during 2012 ANTA Convention at Washington D C; following key advocacy issues were discussed: Professions, DV Winners, Students, Out of Status, USAID Program, VISA Process, etc..



Youth Committee


Develop/Implement activities that will attract youth (teenagers/students) living in USA to ANTA

  • Coordinator:- Mr. Prabhat Jha 
  • Members: Mr. Manish Singh, Mr. Khushnandan Thakur, Mr. Khuseshwar Mandal, Mrs. Sunaina Chaudhary

Women's Welfare Committee


Develop/Promote Policies/Activities to encourage women living in USA to participate in ANTA - Promote Activities to Support Women Welfare and Equality Issues in Nepal

Coordinator:- Mrs. Sunaina Chaudhary    Members: Mrs. Aprajita Jha, Ms. Kanchan Thakur, Ms. Minu Karna 

Global Outreach /Network Committee

Purpose: -

  • Develop/Promote/Implement activities that will create global network of Madheshis by working with various Global Madheshi’s organizations.
  • Assist Madheshis in other country to create ANTA like organizations
  • Actively work with NRN (NRN NCC if USA) to promote cause of Madheshis identity, integration and empowerment.

  • Coordinator: Mr. Anil Dwivedy
  • Members: Mrs. Aprajita Jha, Mr. Randhir Sharma, Mr. Manish Singh, Dr. Indra Dev Sahu, Mr. Mohan Yadav, Mr. Santosh Sah, Mrs. Sunaina Chaudhary, Mr. Dhiraj Chaudhary


Publication and Media Committee

- Assist with publication of ANTA related information

  • Coordinator: Mr. Bindeshwar Sah
  • Members: Mr. Dhiraj Chaudhary, Mr. Randhir Sharma, Mr. Manish Singh, Mr. Mohan Yadav, Dr. Indra Dev Sahu, Mr. Santosh Sah, Mrs. Sunaina Chaudhary

Cultural Commiuttee

- Develop plans and arrange fair/seminars to promote/preserve Terai festivals and arts.

  • Coordinator: Mr. Mohan Yadav                 
  • Members: Mrs. Aprajita Jha, Chapter Presidents

Ethics and Disclipinary Committee

- Maintain the discipline in the commitee and members.

- Ensure and maintain there is no breach of ethics in the members 

  • Coordinator: Mr. Dhiraj Chaudhary                 
  • Members: Dr. Indra Dev Sahu, Mr. Randhir Sharma, Mr Anil Dwivedy

Cenral Advisory Commitee (2020-2021)

- Provide suitable advices to ANTA cental executive committee as per the reqirements. 
  • Members: Dr. Sushil Choudhary, Dr. Rambabu Yadav