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Dear All Madheshis and well-wishers in USA, 


Association of Nepali Terain in America ( ANTA) would like to invite you all to attend/ participate in CHHATH PUJA 2016, which is being organized by ANTA GNYC( Greater New York Chapter) on : November  6th( Sanjhiya ghat)  &  7th ( Bhoraba ghat);  

Address: 2 Milkhouse Lane, Lambertville, NJ 08530. 


The venue, Dr. Upendra Karn’s residence is convenient from New York,  New Jersey, Pennsylvania and  Delaware but we invite everyone from North America to attend, participate and celebrate our most important festival. We are willing to send “Prashad” by mail as well for those who could not attend but need to do “puja” as a religious mandate. 


Please contact ( Dr. Upendra Karna- phone 609-516-3059 ) or any of us for any questions or facilitations you may need.


Chhath Puja Committee : 

Subhash K Baitha :- Coordinator  484-340-0366

Matrika Gupta :- Co-coordinator  646-606-4634

Ram Binod Pandit :- Secretary     484-340-0182

Kundan Sah :- Public relation      646-436-7805



Manish Singh                  347-839-9128

Mukesh Yadav "royal"   484-5572948

Gudiya chandra             518-316-1235

Uma Shanker Sah         347-988-7368



Dr. Chakradhar Mishra                                Mr. Subhash K Baitha 

Chairman, ANTA                                        President, ANTA GNYC