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Membership and Chapter Development Committee


  • Grow ANTA Membership/Network
  • Consolidate / Open New Chapter
  • Assist to Strengthen Existing Chapters

Coordinator: Mr. Dhiraj Chaudhary Members: Chapter Presidents

Finance Committee


  • Make financial strategy for ANTA Financial Sustainability
  • Develop Financial Reporting (Transparency), Record Keeping and Auditing Policy
  • Make awareness ANTA Executive for financial need and collection of funds from ANTA Members, organizations and other non-members.

Coordinator: Mr. Mukesh Karna      Members: Mr. Santosh Sah 

Fund Raising Committee


  • Develop List of Fund Raising Activity
  • Fundraise for different purposes
  • ANTA Projects, Convention, ANTA Emergency Fund, ANTA IT Fund and other funds required by ANTA

Coordinator: Dr. Indra Dev Sahu    Members: Mr. Mukesh Karna

Governance Committee

Purpose: -

Develop/Revise/Promote Policy and Procedure Guidelines/Recommendation for “Good Governance” for ANTA to be Successful Organizations in Present and Future. Following are some example but NOT limited to: Major Policy/Procedure Issues, Bylaws, ANTA Election, ANTA Awards, Patron/Advisory etc.. Friends of ANTA for members that are NOT people of Madheshi’s origin but would like to be associated/Support ANTA

Chair:- Mukesh Singh Members: Mr. Lalit Jha

Advocacy Committee


Develop/Promote/Implement Policies/Ideas that are in Active Support of ANTA’s Missions and Objectives. At the special workshop sessions during 2012 ANTA Convention at Washington D C; following key advocacy issues were discussed: Professions, DV Winners, Students, Out of Status, USAID Program, VISA Process, etc..

Chair:- Mr. Ritesh Chaudhary

Members: Mr. Vijay Singh, Mr. Arbind Singh

Service (Charity Project) Committee


  • Develop/Promote/Implement Projects for the Welfare of Madheshis in USA and in Nepal.
  • Develop Project Selection Procedures

At the special workshop sessions during 2012 ANTA Convention at Washington D C; following key Service ideas were discussed:

  • SKILL Directory,
  • Resume Bank,
  • Journalism Scholarship,
  • Professions,
  • Anti- Dowry,
  • Professional Award in Nepal,
  • Deaf Project,
  • Sponsor one project in your own Village, etc.

Co-Chairs:- Dr. Akhilesh Singh

Members: Dr. Kaushal Jha, Dr. Biplav Yadav, Dr. Mamta Singh


Youth Committee


Develop/Implement activities that will attract youth (teenagers/students) living in USA to ANTA

Co-Chairs:- Mr. Aniket Sah/Ms. Kanta Mallik 

Members: Mr. Dhiraj Chaudhary

Women Welfare Committee


Develop/Promote Policies/Activities to encourage women living in USA to participate in ANTA - Promote Activities to Support Women Welfare and Equality Issues in Nepal

Coordinator:- Mrs. Sunaina Chaudhary    Members

Global Outreach /Network Committee

Purpose: -

  • Develop/Promote/Implement activities that will create global network of Madheshis by working with various Global Madheshi’s organizations.
  • Assist Madheshis in other country to create ANTA like organizations
  • Actively work with NRN (NRN NCC if USA) to promote cause of Madheshis identity, integration and empowerment.

  • Coordinator: Mr. Lalit Jha
  • Members: Ms. Annapurna Deo
  • Mr. Ratan Jha
  • Dr. Binod Shah
  • Mr. Mukesh Singh


Publication and Media Committee

- Assist with publication of ANTA related information

  • Coordinator: Mr. Bindeshwar Sah
  • Members: Mr. Dhiraj Chaudhary
  • Mr. Mohan Yadav
  • Dr. Indra Dev Sahu

Cultural Commiuttee

- Develop plans and arrange fair/seminars to promote/preserve Terai festivals and arts.

  • Coordinator:                  
  • Members: